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what preparations should be made before construction of frp storage tanks
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the glass fiber reinforced plastic storage tank is specially designed and manufactured according to the conditions of use of the contract, without the consent of the supplier's technical department. users are not allowed to arbitrarily change the type of medium stored in the frp storage tank, nor the temperature and concentration of the medium stored in the container. it is strictly forbidden to hit or scratch with hard objects: when entering the frp storage tank for cleaning and maintenance, the operator should wear soft-soled shoes. when using a ladder, all points in contact with the container should be covered with soft pads to prevent scratching the surface. when working around, prevent tools, scaffolding and other hard objects from hitting the container. pay attention to fire prevention: frp storage tanks are absolutely prohibited from approaching fire sources.
1. before construction, take precautions according to the actual needs and the actual situation of the construction site. for example, the layout of the on-site office and tool room should be arranged in advance, and flammable and explosive products should be placed in a safe place. , store it well to ensure the safety of the construction site.
2. prepare all construction tools and testing instruments in place.
3. after the construction personnel are in place, the required equipment should be installed in place, a simple living place should be built, the construction site should be arranged, the material room, warehouse, etc. should be arranged, and the garbage should be stacked in an orderly manner to facilitate future cleaning.
4. labels should be attached to all construction facilities, indicating the role played during construction, and all electrical tools should indicate the operation method to ensure the safety of construction.

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