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xinyang technology's first fun games - new young style
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  in this fireworks march season, we ushered in the first fun sports of xinyang technology.
at 8:30 am on april 15, 2014, after the passionate opening speech by the deputy general manager of the company, the games kicked off. a total of 9 events were set up in the games, namely, chasing the ball, skipping rope, slow cycling, shoulder kung fu, back-to-back dribbling, stars fetching water, racing against time, tug-of-war, two-person three-legged. the total number of participants reached 747.
on the field, the athletes were enthusiastic and hard-working, trying to achieve "win without pride and defeat", especially in the tug-of-war competition, the athletes cooperated tacitly, with trust and confidence, and successfully completed the the competition of cooperation and perseverance fully demonstrated the high-spirited outlook and the working state of concerted efforts of the employees of xinyang technology. in the new young arena, there is no age limit, everyone is a young man, showing his youth and vitality. this is the stage for xinyang people, and it is the latest definition of xinyang.
in this games, the students carried forward the olympic spirit of "higher, faster and stronger", and participated in the competition based on the concept of "friendship first, competition second". level.






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