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frp industry focuses on developing 5 major markets
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1. the economic loss caused by corrosion of industrial equipment and equipment in my country is more than 10 billion yuan each year. the united states has long been recognized that the anti-corrosion performance of frp is as high as 4 of its gdp. chemical anti-corrosion is the traditional market of frp. , for example, shengli oilfield has used more than 350 kilometers of fiberglass pipes, and the high-pressure fiberglass pipe market is optimistic. 15% of frp in developed countries is used in chemical anti-corrosion, and it is expected that my country will develop at an annual growth rate of no less than 10%.
2. the construction industry is closely related to people's lives. it can drive the development of dozens of industries. to lead economic development to this aspect, it can be said that its market is vast and infinite. for example, beijing needs 8 million to 10 million square meters of windows annually. if 10% of the window frames are made of frp, 5,600 to 7,000 tons of frp profiles are needed, which is equivalent to the frp products produced in my country in the late 1970s. 60 units are required.
3. there are 960,000 fishing boats in my country, including 430,000 motorized fishing boats, 98% of which are wooden boats. steel boats are easy to rust, and maintenance costs are high; wooden boats have poor technical performance, poor safety performance, and high fuel consumption, especially in the shortage of forest resources in my country; 3. frp fishing boats have good integrity, low fuel consumption, less maintenance, and long life, and their advantages have gradually known to fishermen. at present, the number of frp fishing boats (460) is extremely disproportionate to china's large maritime fishing country.
4. the earth's oil resources are depleting day by day. it is said that the existing resources can only be exploited for another 50 years. therefore, the world has developed compressed natural gas (cng) or electric energy, solar energy and other energy-driven vehicles. cng as fuel can reduce noise and prolong engine life, especially the emission of nitrogen and sulfur oxides is much lower than that of gasoline or diesel-driven vehicles, which is beneficial to environmental protection. in 1999, 300 buses in beijing adopted cng, and in 2000, beijing ordered another 800 cng cars (each with 9 90-liter cng bottles), sharing nearly 10,000 bottles. in addition, there are many frp parts used in high-speed trains and automobiles, and frp should be used more.
5. wind turbines are already being promoted. at present, the blades are 22.5 meters long (about 50 meters in diameter, and the power generation is 600~1000kw). nuclear power plants have successfully adopted a large number of fiberglass pipes. the development of wind resources, solar energy and nuclear power supporting products, the glass fiber reinforced plastics industry will have a bright future.

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