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current situation and future development of composite pipeline
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1. status of frp pipes deep soil pipe;
divided by function: water diversion pipe, water supply pipe, sewage pipe, chemical pipe, oil pipeline, well wall pumping pipe, high pressure pipe, circulating water pipe, glass fiber reinforced plastic cable conduit;
by pipe material: frp sanding pipe, pure frp pipe, hobas pipe, continuous winding pipe, epoxy high pressure pipe, polyester high pressure pipe, frp composite pipe in more than 500,000 tons, the total output of thermosetting frp is 2.23 million tons, accounting for 20% of it. it is still the product with the largest output in the frp industry.
2. several typical engineering examples
2.1 water diversion project
2.1.1 the first phase of shanxi pingshang emergency water diversion project (2008-2009)
dn1800 full length: 20km pressure level: pn6~pn12
2.1.2 shanxi pingshang emergency water diversion project phase ii (2009-2010)
dn1400 total length: 61km pressure level: 0.5mpa~0.9 mpa
2.1.3 zhangfeng reservoir project in shanxi province (2009~2010)
dn1200 and dn800, total length 32km, pressure level 1.0mpa~2.4mpa
2.1.4 the second phase of water diversion project in shishi city, fujian (2009~ 2010)
dn1600 and dn1800 total length 50km pressure class: 0.6~1.0mpa />2.1.6 zhengzhou city ecological water system water conveying project frp sand-filled pipe (2009~2010)
dn2000 pressure class 0.8mpa buried pipe 9km
dn1000~dn2000 pipe jacking 5km
2.1.7 jiaozhou yellow river diversion project
diameter 800mm frp sand inclusion pipe pressure rating: 0.8mpa rigidity: sn5000 total length: 35km
2.2 seawater desalination project
algeria tlemcem seawater desalination plant
dn25-dn1800; pn10, pn16, 2009, after the installation was completed, the first operation was successful, and it has been running well so far.
2.3 nuclear power pipeline project
2.3.1 the pressure level of the newly built dn3600 cooling circulating water frp pipeline in yiyang taohuajiang nuclear power plant: 0.8mpa; (the largest diameter frp pipeline currently used in china)
2.3. 2. frp sand-incorporated pipeline in yanxiao section of the second phase reclaimed water pipeline of sanhe power plant
2.4 sewage discharge project
2.4.1 changsha water quality and environment project
dn2000 frp sand inclusion pipe jacking pressure rating: 0.25mpa rigidity: 30000n/m2 total length: 8828m
2.4.2 xi'an third ring road system of china railway 20th bureau dn2600 glass fiber reinforced plastic pipeline and pipe jacking of project c09 bid section
buried pipe stiffness: 10000n/m2 total length: 11457 meters
pipe jacking stiffness: 25000n/m2 total length: 1100m
2.4.3 shenzhen guanlan river basin comprehensive treatment project
dn200mm~dn3000mm; pn0.4-0.6
sn10000-sn12000, 15000
2009 it was put into operation in august, and it is running well. it is worth mentioning that: when shoddy manufacturing flooded the frp pipeline market in guangdong in the past few years, some frp pipeline enterprises still adhere to the principle of quality first and insist not to participate in low-price competition. the glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe enterprise persisted in the situation of almost collapse, which not only improved the corporate image, but also played better and better long-term benefits.
2.5 the current application trend of frp pipes
large-diameter frp sanding pipes are more and more widely used in water diversion projects;
in nuclear power pipeline projects with very high safety and reliability requirements, frp pipes corrosion resistance, long life, and high strength characteristics have obvious advantages; frp pipes have unique advantages in sewage, corrosion resistance, and water treatment pipeline engineering, especially large-diameter pipes and jacking pipes are irreplaceable. advantages: the characteristics of high strength and corrosion resistance make frp pipes widely used in oilfield high pressure pipes.
2. some technical research progress
1. long-term performance experiments of frp pipes
2. development of raw materials based on new pipes
3. research on high-strength and high-rigidity composite pipes
4. progress in manufacturing equipment
3. future development
the future development of frp pipes in my country will be possible in the following aspects:
1. new pipes with high stiffness and low cost
2 . development of high-quality frp pipelines
3. development of frp pipelines for seawater desalination
4. updating of winding manufacturing equipment
5. development of high-pressure pipelines
future development opportunities:
pipes the industry has an irreplaceable important position in my country's national economy. pipelines are the main facilities for infrastructure construction, major water conservancy projects, urban water supply and drainage construction in my country, and are known as the lifeline of cities.
in my country, the management of urban flood control and drainage is weak, and the flood control engineering facilities are not perfect. at present, 59% of my country's cities do not meet the national flood control standards. every year during the flood season, a large number of cities are flooded and flooded.
according to the "technical progress development plan for urban water supply in 2010 and vision for 2020" compiled by the china urban water supply association organized by the ministry of construction, it is proposed that "urban water supply sources should not be less than two in principle". this goal has not been achieved outside the city. therefore, the construction of urban flood control and drainage and the second water source will develop rapidly in the future. on the other hand, part of the existing water transmission pipeline network has begun to age, and a large number of pipelines need to be updated every year in order to cooperate with the renovation project of the original water transmission pipeline network in the city. the above-mentioned overall planning of water conservancy brings great development opportunities to pipeline manufacturers. the principle of selection of pipe jacking pipes stipulated in the national "technical regulations for pipe jacking of water supply and drainage engineering" cecs 246:2008
water supply project: steel pipe or glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe jacking should be selected
drainage project: glass fiber should be selected when the reinforced plastic jacking pipe or the reinforced concrete jacking pipe is used to transport corrosive water and the water and soil outside the pipe are corrosive: the glass fiber reinforced plastic jacking pipe is preferred.
1 new-type pipe with high stiffness and low cost in the pipeline with strong corrosion and large diameter, or strong corrosion and high pressure, frp pipes undoubtedly have unique advantages.
however, in the water supply and drainage industry with a large volume and a wide range, there are many kinds of pipes to choose from. therefore, how to increase the competitiveness of frp sanding pipes is a top priority.
in addition to the quality problem of human factors, the main problem of frp pipes is that the stiffness level is low, and increasing the stiffness will cause the price to rise. therefore, the development of new composite pipes with high stiffness and low cost will be a new direction for the development of frp pipes in the future.
2 development opportunities brought by pipeline accidents
dongguan phase i frp sewage and sand pipelines have caused many quality accidents due to human factors, and the impact was very bad, which brought the guangdong market to the brink of collapse. it is necessary for the industry to deeply reflect on this:
1 the objective reason is that the procurement method of pipes leads to market confusion;
2 companies cut prices with each other, using inferior raw resins, inferior fibers, or cutting corners, etc., at the expense of quality. cost.
3 after more than a year of hard work, the relevant departments in guangdong realized the cause of the quality accident; and realized that it was not because the glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe failed, but was caused by human beings. in the second phase of the project in dongguan, a large number of glass fiber reinforced plastic sand pipes will be re-opened.
4 we must cherish this opportunity, and focus on promoting the development of high-quality frp pipes in the future.
5 for example: to make full use of the unique advantages of glass fiber reinforced plastics in corrosion resistance in sewage engineering, and develop high-quality glass fiber reinforced plastic sewage pipes.
6 vice president lv qin just came back from taiwan and visited meiming company. he found that taiwan's frp pipes are very well used in water treatment, especially in the odor pipes of sewage treatment tanks. frp pipes are the only material selected. .
7 misunderstanding 1: it is believed that the production of sewage pipes can be made of inferior resin and poorer winding fibers. myth 2: as long as frp pipes are corrosion-resistant.
8 the long-term bending performance test of sb value shows that: if the lining containing 5% sulfuric acid solution medium is transported, if the resin does not use better vinyl resin, it will not be able to meet the domestic and foreign design specifications for 50-year long-term service life requirements!
9 for example, the resins of the sewage pipes of sekisui company in japan are all made of vinyl resin. not only that, the reinforcing fiber of the inner lining is also made of ecr type corrosion-resistant glass fiber and its fabric. important measures.
11 further strengthen the revision of standards and make further requirements for related raw materials.
3 frp pipeline for seawater desalination
high-performance frp pipeline is the first choice for seawater transportation and desalination projects;
frp pipeline for seawater transportation has the requirements of large diameter, high pressure, anti-seepage and anti-loss high, long-term service life under the long-term erosion and erosion of seawater.
desalination not only provides new development opportunities for frp pipes, but it also poses new requirements and challenges to the frp pipe industry. it must not be rushed. once an accident occurs, the impact is extremely huge.
for example, the requirements for raw materials must be standardized, and the raw materials such as resin and reinforcing fibers of fan blades can be followed by demonstration and access methods.
4 replacement of winding manufacturing equipment
fixed-length winding equipment is still the main production equipment in my country for a period of time in the future, but further technological innovation is required;
continuous winding equipment has a high degree of automation and a high threshold , the strong quality assurance system will be the new development direction of frp winding pipes in my country in the future. however, great efforts should be made in improving product manufacturing quality and reducing product manufacturing costs.
5 development of high-pressure pipelines
the application of glass steel pipe in oilfield anti-corrosion, compared with other anti-corrosion measures, has low comprehensive cost and good technical and economic benefits. frp has become the largest and most promising non-metallic pipe used to control corrosion in oil fields.
as long as the frp pipe can withstand the pressure and temperature, it can replace the steel pipe to the greatest extent.
according to the comparative forecast of the development of frp in my country and the united states: my country will be the peak period of use in the next ten years, so there is still a large space for development in the future.
fourth, conclusion
my country's frp pipeline industry has experienced success and ups and downs, and now it is facing new opportunities and challenges. where does my country's frp pipeline industry go, it is still up to entrepreneurs serious problems ahead.
historical experience tells us that development and regression may coexist. let us choose development with firm quality awareness, advanced technology, equipment and high-quality raw materials!

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