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yangzhou xinyang technology development industry co., ltd. is located in hanjiang economic and technological development zone, yangzhou, a famous historical and cultural city in china. the company was founded in 2002 with a registered capital of 37.5 million yuan. it is a national high-tech enterprise that develops and manufactures, and is a leading enterprise in the domestic high-pressure glass fiber reinforced plastic oil pipeline manufacturing industry. the company's products are widely used in major oilfields, petrochemicals, ships, and military enterprises in the country. product sales outlets are located in major cities across the country, and extend to the middle east, central asia, southeast asia, south america and other countries and regions. the company has built production plants in kazakhstan. in addition, it has offices in major oil fields in china, and has signed a cooperation agreement with avic guizhou aircraft co., ltd. to invest and build a factory in anshun city, guizhou province.
the total assets of the company are 250 million yuan, and the sales revenue in 2013 was 300 million yuan. the company's factory covers an area of about 95,000 square meters. . he has successively undertaken a number of provincial and ministerial-level major scientific and technological projects such as the transformation of major scientific and technological achievements in jiangsu province, the national torch program, the national innovation fund, and the jiangsu provincial key innovation fund.
the company has 380 employees and has 14 authorized patents, including 7 invention patents. at present, the company has launched a listing plan and is a key listed reserve enterprise in yangzhou city. after the listing is successful, high-end talents will enjoy the incentive of listing.
the company has added a number of new product projects, r&d and production bases, and urgently needs all kinds of r&d, management and translation talents to join.
we provide you with:
1. living and leisure
life: apartment-style star-rated accommodation, four people/room.
recreation: basketball court, badminton court, ktv, library and other entertainment facilities are available.
2. salary and benefits
salary: the company pays salaries according to positions, talents and performance, and implements a strict salary performance management system.
insurance: five insurances and one housing fund.
a) paid holidays: according to national regulations, enjoy (annual leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, statutory holidays, etc.);
b) gift money: some statutory holidays, weddings, funerals, childbirth, etc. gifts and birthday gifts, etc.;
c) excellent employee rewards: bonuses, annual travel;
d) cultural and entertainment activities: the company organizes a series of cultural and entertainment activities such as basketball games, karaoke games, and development training from time to time.
3. talent development ladder
following the principle of fair and just talent training, two channels are established: management development channel and technology development channel.
all kinds of talents needed by xinyang technology in 2014 - fresh graduates
no. personnel category post education profession planning number gender job description qualifications
1 r & d talents r & d engineer master、doctor structural design major 8 male responsible for the development and design of product structure, process, strength, mold, etc. 1. diligent, steadfast, dedicated and responsible
2. good independence, strong logical thinking ability and strong learning ability
3. good communication and coordination skills and teamwork spirit
4. proficient in using cad, ug, proe, solidworks and other related design software
2 engineer process engineer bachelor degree or above structural design major 6 unlimited
bachelor degree or above material major 15 unlimited
3 reserve talents for new projects research engineer master、doctor ceramic matrix composites, carbon fiber composites, melt spinning, polymer reserve talents some unlimited develop new products with a team of project experts
4 engineer
     (new factory reserve)
equipment engineer bachelor degree or above machinery, electrical automation 10 unlimited autoclave forming process design and operation
inspection engineer science and technology 6 female quality management
5 senior management talent
general ledger accountant master's degree or above accounting, economics 4 unlimited diversity training for financial positions hardworking, down-to-earth, dedicated, responsible and confidential
6 overseas project reserve project manager, salesman bachelor degree or above have a professional background in petroleum or practical experience in installation work 15 male responsible for project management or business hardworking, practical and dedicated, strong communication skills
7 sales and translation talents international trade bachelor degree or above russian, arabic 15 unlimited responsible for overseas project translation or business hardworking, practical and dedicated, strong communication skills
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