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product manual:
yangzhou xinyang technology co., ltd. has been focusing on the production of glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes for many years, and has been widely used in oil fields and chemical industries at home and abroad. the specific product information is as follows:
main advantage:
1. has good corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and high pressure resistance
2. the inner wall is smooth, no scaling, no wax, not easy to block
3. the pipe diameter is 1.5 inches-64 inches
4. working temperature up to 120℃
5. the pressure level is 0.5mpa to 5mpa
6. lightweight and high strength, easy to transport and install
7. long service life, the design life is not less than 30 years
main application:
1. brine, brine, water, crude oil, natural gas pipelines
2. oilfield sewage, chemical sewage and wastewater treatment pipelines
3. polymer solution delivery line
4. marine piping
property of corrosion-resistant
chemical percentage (%) temp. ° f (°c)
acetic acid nr nr
sulfuric acid <2 208(98)
sulfuric acid 3<25 151(66)
nitric acid 25 74(24)
phosphoric acid <2 226(108)
phosphoric acid 25<50 151(66)
phosphoric acid 85 74(24)
hydrochloric acid <10 151(66)
hydrochloric acid 20 99(37)
dry sulfur dioxide any 151(66)
wet carbon dioxide no data no data
dry hydrogen sulfide any 151(66)
wet hydrogen sulfide any 151(66)
carbon dioxide any 226(108)
potassium hydroxide saturated 151(66)
ammonia <30 120 (49)
hydrogen peroxide not recommended not recommended
ammonium chloride any 208(98)
ethanol <10 176(80)
toluene 100 201(94)
crude oil contain sulfide or de-sulfile 226(108)
natural gas any 226(108)
distilled water 100 226(108)
brine water/bromide water any 226(108)
flue gas any 226(108)
physical property
pipe property unit value standard
heat conduction coefficient℉)a 2.3 hvtm
w/m.℃ 0.33 hvtm
heat expansion coefficient 10ˉ6in/in/℉ 8.7 astm d696
10ˉ6mm/mm/℃ 15.7 astm d696
flow coefficient hazen williams 150 hvtm
absolute roughness 10ˉ6 in 60 hvtm
10ˉ6 m 1.5 hvtm
density ib/in3 0.073 astm d792
g/cm3 1.93 astm d792
toroidal elastic modulus gpa 22.8 astm d2105
axial elastic modulus gpa 13.8 astm d2105
hoop poisson’s ratio - 0.4 astm d2105
amine tg ≥145 api
safety coefficient( high pressure) mpa 2 times of working pressure) api 15hr
safety coefficient(low pressure) mpa 3 times of working pressure api 15lr

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