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matters needing to be prepared for the mid-term assessment of the 2011 "lvyang jinfeng plan"
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in 2011, the mid-term assessment work of the city's "green yang jinfeng plan" was a unified deployment of the municipal talent office (see the notice for details). to be well prepared, it is necessary to organize personnel to go deep into the enterprise to check carefully, to ensure that all preparations are completed as required, and to ensure that the talent project passes the mid-term assessment with high quality.
a total of the following materials need to be prepared for this assessment:
1. materials submitted in writing
a summary of the innovation and entrepreneurship situation since the talent obtained the city's "green yang jinfeng plan", including:
1. the overall situation of talents and projects;
2. supporting, allocation and use of subsidized funds;
3. achievements after introduction (new products, sales, taxation, awards, etc.);
4. problems existing in entrepreneurship and innovation and future work plans.
2. make a report ppt (no more than 10 minutes)
the overall classification of the report ppt (multiple tables and pictures):
1. the overall situation of the talents, projects and innovation and entrepreneurship units (brief introduction of talents and projects, overall situation of project implementation, and business operation of innovative and entrepreneurial units in 2011 and 2012); support for the project;
4. the results achieved since the implementation of the project;
5. difficulties and problems existing in the implementation of the project;
6. the plan for the next step.
3. materials to be submitted for on-site inspection
business license of enterprise legal person, articles of association and capital verification report, tax registration form, audited enterprise financial statement, enterprise tax bill, patent certificate or acceptance notice, award certificate etc. focus on examining whether the subsidized object is working in yang, the matching, allocation and use of subsidized funds, the local individual income tax paid by talents, the operation of the enterprise, the implementation of the talent project, the sales and taxation of the products implemented in the project, and the application and acquisition of patents. , 凯发真人网娱乐 copyright status, and awards at or above the provincial level.
1. talents must be present, and their absence will affect subsequent fund allocation;
2. materials to be provided for on-site inspections must be carefully prepared as required, and special personnel will be responsible for collection and storage;
br/>3. the materials submitted in writing and the attached form required by the notice should be consistent with the situation in the report ppt, and should be carefully checked to prevent conflicts;
4. the materials submitted in writing and the attached form required by the notice should be filled in please submit the electronic file and paper version to the talent division of the organization department (room 1023, district government) before march 11, email: [email protected];
5. - on march 14, go to the funded enterprise to check the report ppt and the original materials to be provided. please carefully prepare and design the on-site inspection route of the inspection team.

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