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announcement of the organization to apply for the provincial innovation and entrepreneurship plan
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notice of the introduction plan for innovative and entrepreneurial talents the relevant matters related to the application of the 2013 jiangsu provincial high-level innovative and entrepreneurial talents introduction plan (hereinafter referred to as the "provincial "double entrepreneurship plan") are hereby notified as follows.
i. application conditions
(i) basic conditions
1. self-employment talents generally have a master's degree or above, and innovative talents generally have a doctorate degree, and the age is generally no more than 55 years old.
2. more than 5 years of work experience in r&d or management positions in well-known domestic and foreign enterprises, universities, scientific research units and related institutions, and have achieved outstanding performance.
3. the applicant should come to our province for innovation and entrepreneurship after january 1, 2010.
4. the main work energy of entrepreneurial talents should be to serve the established enterprises; other introduced talents can continuously serve the introduced units for more than 3 years after introduction, and the service time is not less than 6 months per year.
5. the declared enterprise should have participated in social insurance.
6. the introduced innovative talents will be withheld and paid by the reporting unit from the month following their work in jiangsu, and the monthly taxable salary of individual income tax shall not be less than 10,000 yuan.
(2) in addition to the above basic conditions, all types of candidates should also meet the following conditions:
1. independent entrepreneurial talents
(1) possess independent intellectual property rights or key technologies related to products and technologies in the entrepreneurial field, and have relatively rich practical experience in product development and enterprise operation and management;
(2) should be the principal person in charge of the established enterprise shall have paid-in capital of not less than 1 million yuan (excluding technology shares) invested in the enterprise, and shall complete relevant procedures such as industrial and commercial registration before march 31, 2013;
(3 ) the leading products of the established enterprise have independent intellectual property rights, the technical level has reached the international advanced or domestic leading level, can fill the domestic gap or lead the development of related industries, and have good market development prospects and expected economic benefits;
(4) founding the enterprises belong to high-growth technology-based enterprises or modern service enterprises with clear business models. in principle, the enterprises are located in such carriers as overseas student entrepreneurship parks, technology entrepreneurship service centers, and high-tech industrial development zones.
2. enterprise innovation talents
(1) possess core technological achievements with clear property rights that can promote independent innovation and technological upgrading of enterprises, or hold middle and senior positions in well-known enterprises at home and abroad, have outstanding work performance, and have a certain influence in the industry;
(2) enterprises should meet one of the following conditions: ① be founded by the funded object of the national "thousand talents plan" and the provincial "innovation and entrepreneurship plan"; ② the provincial "science and technology entrepreneur cultivation project" training object and the provincial "333 project" training object the object, the provincial "industry professor" founded; ③ national or provincial recognized innovative enterprises, high-tech enterprises, agricultural science and technology enterprises, computer information system integration enterprises, information system engineering supervision enterprises, software enterprises, animation enterprises, etc.; ④ undertake provincial scientific and technological achievements transformation special fund projects; ⑤ listed as provincial high-level talent innovation and entrepreneurship enterprise base; enterprise innovation platform; ⑦ private technology enterprises; ⑧ enterprises funded by the city and county (city, district) talent introduction plan;
(3) priority is given to supporting innovative talents who have capital investment and own shares, and give priority to supporting full-time talents innovative talents to work in enterprises.
3. innovative talents in public institutions
innovative talents in key disciplines and key laboratories
(1) excellent talents introduced by universities and research institutes in our province hold positions equivalent to professors in well-known universities and research institutes at home and abroad;
(2) have world-class research level, and have published academic papers in important international core journals in the past 5 years, or have published important academic papers in the most core journals in this field;
(3) obtained important scientific and technological awards at home and abroad, mastering important experimental skills or key technologies of scientific engineering construction, or presiding over major scientific research projects.
health innovation talents
(1) excellent talents introduced by medical and health institutions in our province hold positions equivalent to professors (may be relaxed to associate professors abroad) in well-known domestic and foreign medical and health institutions, universities, and scientific research institutes , or currently (previously) hold the post of vice-chairman or above of the domestic provincial medical professional committee, or obtained the qualification of a foreign physician;
(2) has a world-class research level, and has published in important international core journals in the past 5 years academic papers;
(3) having presided over major scientific research projects, mastering key technologies for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of major diseases, or possessing core technologies with independent intellectual property rights, and possessing invention patents; there is a blank clinical technical talent in china.
cultural innovation talents
(1) excellent cultural talents introduced by cultural institutions in our province;
(2) domestic and foreign literature, art, news, publishing, radio, film and television, management, cultural , library management and other categories have high reputation and influence, and have positive senior (can be relaxed to deputy senior overseas) professional and technical positions (education is not limited); awards.
2. selection procedure
1. application accepted. the application materials for independent entrepreneurial talents and enterprise innovative talents should be submitted to the talent office of each city, the application materials for innovative talents in key disciplines should be submitted to the provincial department of education, the application materials for innovative talents in key laboratories should be submitted to the provincial department of science and technology, the application materials for health innovation talents should be submitted to the provincial department of health, and the application materials for cultural innovation talents should be submitted to the provincial department of health. the application materials should be submitted to the propaganda department of the provincial party committee. municipal universities, scientific research institutes, medical and health care and cultural units must be reviewed and approved by the municipal talent offices before submitting.
talents who have been funded by the provincial "entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship program" have won the national "thousand talents program", the provincial "innovation team program", the provincial "enterprise doctoral gathering program", "jiangsu distinguished professor", " talents who are funded by jiangsu distinguished medical experts and declared in other places, and those who have been funded by the provincial talent introduction plan and declared in other places, shall not be declared. it must not be declared at the same time as the provincial “phd gathering plan” this year.
2. review recommendations. the talent offices of each city and the competent departments of the province will review the application materials, and recommend them according to the assigned quota (the key recommendation ratio is not higher than 10%). letter of recommendation of introducing plan".
3. judging selection. the provincial talent office, together with relevant departments, organizes experts to undergo qualification review, evaluation of basic conditions (mainly from local or departmental talent project support, personal investment, remuneration given by employers, full-time employment, recommendation level, etc.), technical review, on-site inspection, comprehensive review and other procedures, and select the best candidates to be funded.
4. social announcement. the candidates to be funded will be announced to the public after being approved by the provincial talent work leading group.
5. confirm the list. send a letter to determine the recipients of funding.
three, support policy
1. provide 1 million yuan or 500,000 yuan of innovation and entrepreneurship funds respectively. for those who have obtained the "jiangsu distinguished professor" or the provincial "enterprise doctoral cluster program", the original funding amount will be supplemented to 1 million yuan or 500,000 yuan.
2. priority recommendation to enter the provincial "industry professor", the provincial "technology entrepreneur cultivation project", the provincial "333 project" and the provincial "six talent peaks" training funding objects, priority recommendation to apply for the national "thousand talents program", priority recommendation to apply for national and for various provincial planning projects, priority is given to recommending and applying for the provincial emerging industry venture capital guidance fund, and priority is given to recommending financing projects to financial institutions, guarantee companies, and venture capital companies, and to enjoy preferential policies and treatments for the introduction of high-level talents formulated by various regions and departments in our province .
3. in accordance with the relevant national and provincial policies on the introduction of high-level talents, we will provide the introduced high-level talents with support in terms of working conditions, visas, settlement, practicing qualifications, medical care, insurance, taxation, spouse placement, children's enrollment, and driver's license conversion.
4. application methods and application materials
the 2013 provincial "innovation and entrepreneurship program" was declared through the jiangsu talent work network ( all kinds of certificates, certificates, contracts, statements and other materials should be submitted with original scanned documents or digital photos when applying online. the deadline for individual online application is april 30, 2013. the deadline for submission of recommendations by the competent departments of all cities and provinces is may 15, 2013. it is necessary to submit the "letter on submitting the recommendation of jiangsu province's high-level innovation and entrepreneurship talents introduction plan" and "summary of declarations" in triplicate. provincial talent office.
application materials include:
1. "jiangsu province high-level innovation and entrepreneurship talent introduction plan application form", in which self-employment talents fill in the a-type application form, enterprise innovative talents fill in the b-type application form, and public institution innovative talents fill in the c-type application form.
2. the identity certificate (id card or passport), academic degree certificate, professional title and qualification certificate (certificate) of the introduced talents, the certificate of holding an important position in the original unit, and other relevant work experience and qualification certificates. overseas students should provide academic certification from the overseas study service center of the ministry of education of the people's republic of china.
3. proof of intellectual property rights such as patents and ownership, published papers in international core journals, won important scientific and technological awards at home and abroad, undertaken major scientific research projects, scientific and technological projects and other relevant materials reflecting the ability and performance of introduced talents, representative cultural innovation works.
4. innovation and entrepreneurship plan.
5. the declaration unit shall provide the business license, the 2012 financial statement, the employee’s participation in social security, and the tax payment certificate of the enterprise, and the individual income tax certificate withheld and paid by the declaration unit for the introduced talents.
6. self-employment talents need to provide the capital verification certificate of the enterprise registration committee (audit) office, the company's articles of association, the local government and the entrepreneurial carrier where the local government and the entrepreneurial carrier provide the entrepreneurial enterprises and talents with venues, living, funds and other support conditions and relevant payment credentials. enterprise innovative talents need to provide labor contract or introduction agreement signed with the introduced enterprise, intellectual property ownership certificate and use agreement, salary or equity certificate, certificate of local pension insurance payment and other relevant certification materials (if the enterprise pension insurance payment certificate cannot be provided) , it is necessary to provide the certificate of "working in the enterprise for more than 3 years" issued by the personnel department of the unit where you are affiliated), as well as the qualification certificate that the enterprise meets the application conditions. innovative talents in public institutions need to provide relevant certification materials such as labor contracts or introduction agreements, salary, etc. signed with the introducing units.
v. work requirements
1. strengthen organizational leadership. all localities and departments should attach great importance to the introduction of high-level innovative and entrepreneurial talents, the municipal organization department should take the lead in organizing and coordinating, and the municipal science and technology, human resources and social departments and other departments should conscientiously do relevant work according to the division of responsibilities.
2. strict reporting conditions. all localities and departments shall, in accordance with the relevant requirements of the application work, strictly apply the conditions and work procedures, carefully check the application materials, and ensure the quality of the introduced talents, so as to be objective, fair, authentic, reliable, open and transparent. for those who are fraudulent, once verified, the qualification for declaration will be cancelled, recorded in the integrity file, and the relevant personnel will be held accountable. the declaration of the unit and individual will not be accepted within 5 years.
3. strengthen work guidance. the competent departments should strengthen the business guidance to localities and departments, and solve the problems encountered in the declaration work in a timely manner.
4. for problems encountered in the application work, please contact the relevant provincial authorities in time.
online application consultation telephone: 025-83309766.
provincial party committee organization department liaison office: talent work office, tel: 025-83392348;
provincial science and technology department liaison office: policy, regulation and system reform office, tel: 025-83222067;
provincial human resources and social affairs department contact office: human resources development office, tel: 025-83236170; contact office of the department: faculty office, tel: 025-83335368; contact office of the provincial health department: personnel office, tel: 025-83620628.
1. jiangsu province high-level innovation and entrepreneurship talent introduction program application form (type a)
2. jiangsu province high-level innovation and entrepreneurial talent introduction program application form (type b)
3. jiangsu province high-level innovation and entrepreneurial talent introduction plan application form (category c)
4. format requirements for innovation and entrepreneurship plan
5. summary table of the application for the introduction plan of high-level innovative and entrepreneurial talents in jiangsu province

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