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glass fiber reinforced plastic industry key development five big market
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1, every year in our country industrial equipment and equipment due to corrosion caused economic losses amounted to 10 billion yuan of above, the united states was as much as the gross national product (gnp) of 4 learning anti-corrosion performance of glass fiber reinforced plastic for consensus earlier, chemical corrosion is a traditional glass fiber reinforced plastic market, such as shengli oilfield has used glass steel pipe more than 350 kilometers, high-pressure glass steel pipe market. 15% glass reinforced plastics in chemical anti-corrosion in the developed countries, china is expected to not less than 10% annual growth development.

2, construction is closely related to people's life, it can promote the development of dozens of industries, to go to guide economic development into this aspect, it's market is vast, infinite. for example, windows 8 million ~ 8 million square meters in beijing, such as with 10% glass fiber reinforced plastic window frame, the need to glass fiber reinforced plastic profiles of 5600 ~ 7000 tons, equivalent to a year in the late 1970 s, glass fiber reinforced plastic products in china, need to 60 pultrusion machine alone.

960000 our country existing fishing boats, of which 430000 motor fishing boats, 98% is a wooden boat. steel ship rust easily, high maintenance costs; wooden technical performance is poor, poor safety performance, fuel consumption is high, especially in our country forest resources shortage; 3, frp fishing boat, integral sex is good, low fuel consumption, less maintenance, long service life, its advantages have gradually known for fishermen. at the current ownership of the frp fishing boat (460) marine fishery country cannot match with me.

4, earth's petroleum resource is drying up, allegedly existing resources could only 50 years, so has been developed in the world of compressed natural gas (cng) or energy, solar energy, such as driving cars. cng as a fuel can reduce noise, prolong engine life, particularly sulfur emissions of nitrogen oxides is far lower than gasoline or diesel car, good for environmental protection. beijing in 1999, 300 bus using cng, 2000 beijing booked 2000 cng car (with 90 litres of cng bottles per car 9), shared bottle of nearly million. in addition, the high-speed trains, cars use glass fiber reinforced plastic pieces, appropriate is multi-purpose glass fiber reinforced plastic.

5, and has set up a file in the promotion of wind turbine, the blade has been do long 22.5 meters (about 50 meters in diameter, power 600 ~ 1000 kw). nuclear power plant have been used successfully a large number of glass steel pipes. development of wind resource, solar and nuclear power products, glass fiber reinforced plastic industry will be promising.

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