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mass production supply pipe frp winding technology
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frp process piping: frp process pipe frp pipe is enjoy "remarkable energy-saving" reputation, its characteristic performance in the n - 0.0084 or less due to the inner wall is smooth, its fluid conveying head loss is small, so the same kind of traffic can choose smaller pipe diameter or smaller power pump, used for long distance transportation, large diameter pipeline installation, can be reduced by cutting heat preservation fees, cancellation, anti-corrosion, exempt from daxiufei fee - is the act of kindness of "longevity" frp process piping under the freezing medium, the pipe will not be frost crack

frp process piping corrosion resistance: in a crisscross, outline luo world environment, can choose different according to the requirement of the medium corrosion of the pipeline

glass fiber reinforced plastic piping pressure: pressure according to the technological requirements, design, manufacture pipe and pipe fittings. pressure pressurized experiment was carried out in multiples process requirement of 1.5, heat-resistant, resistant to low temperature minus 70 ��, high temperature is 250 �� fiberglass pipe insulation performance is good and modified to eliminate static electricity; good flammability and modified self-extinguishing, flame retardant, refuse combustion; transparent performance is good and the modified can show colorful; thermal insulation performance and improved heat transfer ability can be improved

frp process piping non-toxic: can be used for drinking water delivery

frp pipe, with its unique within the strong corrosion resistance, smooth surface, conveying low energy consumption, long service life (above 50 years), transportation, easy installation, maintenance free and low comprehensive cost a lot of advantages in the oil, electric power, chemical industry, papermaking, urban water supply and drainage, sewage treatment factory, seawater desalination, gas, transportation and other industries have made a wide range of applications.

quartz sand inclusion pipeline - quartz fiber winding frp pipe, is in filament winding process, the use of reinforced layer quartz sand clip into it, make it has a sandwich structure, so the comprehensive capital cost, reduces the pipeline of glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes and improving the overall stiffness and strength. quartz sand pipe laminated structure by: lining layer, transition layer and structure layer, outer layer of four parts.

quartz sand pipe features:

frp pipe (1) corrosion resistance, chemical inertness of the material, excellent corrosion resistance, and can choose different corrosion resistant pipes according to medium.

frp pipe (2) mechanical strength, resistance to water pressure strength, resistance to external pressure strength and impact strength are good and can be designed and manufactured according to the requirements of the pressure piping and fittings.

frp pipe (3) strong adaptability to temperature, temperature range of use: greater than - 70 - c is less than 250 degrees celsius, pipe don't crack under freezing medium.

frp pipe (4) the fluid resistance small, pipe inner wall is smooth, rough coefficient of 0.0084, under the same flow rate, pipe diameter to narrow.

frp pipe (5) light weight, long life, light weight, convenient transportation, low construction cost, no maintenance, long service life of 50 years.

keep water quality frp pipe (6) : non-toxic, conveying water, drinking water water quality can maintain long-term health.

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