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composite pipe status quo and future development
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a, glass fiber reinforced plastic pipeline

1, glass fiber reinforced plastic pipeline at present situation

glass fiber reinforced plastic pipeline

 according to the construction scheme: the underground buried pipe, pipe jacking, pull, underground pipe, water pipe, deep tuguan;

 according to the function points: water pipe, water supply pipe, drainage pipe, chemical pipe, oil pipe, casing pumping pipe, high pressure, circulating water pipe, glass fiber reinforced plastic cable duct;

 according to the pipe material: glass fiber reinforced plastic pure glass sand tube, steel tube, hobas tube, continuous winding pipe, high pressure tube, epoxy polyester high pressure pipe, glass fiber reinforced plastic composite tube

frp pipe production in 2010

 frp pipe basic flat with last year, this year in more than 50, ten thousand tons of thermosetting frp production 2.23 million tons, accounting for 20%. is still the largest output in frp industry products.

2, a few typical engineering examples

2.1 water diversion project

2.1.1 emergency water diversion project in shanxi plateau phase (2008-2009)

dn1800 length: 20 km pressure rating: pn6 ~ pn12

2.1.2 in shanxi plateau emergency water diversion project phase ii project (2009-2010)

level of dn1400 overall length: 61 km pressure: 0.5 mpa to 0.9 mpa

2.1.3 zhangfeng reservoir project in shanxi province (2009-2010)

48 ") and the total length of dn800 32 km 1.0 mpa to 2.4 mpa pressure level

2.1.4 fujian shishi city water diversion project (2009-2010)

dn1600 and dn1800 chief 50 km pressure rating: 0.6 ~ 1.0 mpa

2.1.5 changsha water diversion project

dn1400 - dn1800 pressure rating: 0.4-1.0 mpa length: 73 km

2.1.6 in zhengzhou sand glass steel pipe for the water conveyance project of ecological water system (2009-2010)

dn2000 pressure 0.8 mpa buried pipe grade 9 km

dn1000 ~ 5 km dn2000 pipe jacking

2.1.7 jiaozhou project of yellow river to qingdao

diameter of 800 mm of glass sand tube pressure rating: 0.8 mpa stiffness: sn5000 span: 35 kilometers

2.2 water desalination projects

algeria tlemcem desalination plant

dn25 - dn1800; pn10, pn16, 2009 installation after the completion of a successful operation, running in good condition so far.

2.3 nuclear power pipeline engineering

2.3.1 in yiyang peach blossom river plant new dn3600 cooling circulating water system level of glass fiber reinforced plastic pipeline pressure: 0.8 mpa; (the current domestic application of maximum diameter of glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe)

2.3.2 sanhe power plant phase ii water in the pipeline yanxiao sand glass steel pipes

diameter of 900 mm of glass sand line pressure rating: 0.6 mpa; stiffness: 10000 n/m2, total length: 30084 meters

2.4 drainage engineering

against 2.4.1 changsha water environment engineering

level of dn2000 sand glass steel pipe jacking pressure: 0.25 mpa stiffness: over 30000 n/m2:8828 meters

china railway bureau of xi 'an sanhuan 20 systems engineering bid c09 2.4.2 dn2600 glass fiber reinforced plastic pipeline and pipe jacking

diameter of 2600 mm of glass sand line pressure rating: 0.25 mpa

length of buried pipe stiffness: 10000 n/m2:11457 meters

pipe jacking stiffness: 25000 n/m2 total length: 1100 meters

2.4.3 mission hills shenzhen river basin comprehensive treatment project

dn200mm ~ dn3000mm; pn0.4-0.6

sn10000 - sn12000, 15000

put into operation in august 2009, as well

worth mentioning is that in the former years filled with glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe market in guangdong, manufactured parts of glass fiber reinforced plastic pipeline companies still insist on the principle of quality first, insist on not to participate in low-cost competition, frp pipe in guangdong enterprises almost collapse cases insist on down, not only make the enterprise image has improved, but also has played a more and more good long-term benefits.

2.5 the glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe application trend

 large-caliber grp sand pipe is more and more widely used in water diversion project;

 at very high safety and reliability requirements of nuclear power, pipeline engineering, glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe of long life and corrosion resistance, and high strength features have obvious advantages;

 glass steel pipe in the drainage, corrosion resistance, water pipeline project has a unique advantage, especially large diameter pipes and pipe jacking has irreplaceable advantage;

 the characteristics of high strength and corrosion resistance make frp pipe widely used in oil field high pressure pipe.

second, some technical research progress

1. the long-term performance experiment of glass fiber reinforced plastic pipeline

2. raw material progress based on new type of tubing

3. research on pipe with high strength and high stiffness

4. advances in manufacturing equipment

three, the future development

frp pipe in our country's future development is likely to develop in the following aspects:

1. the new pipe high stiffness and low cost

2. the development of high quality glass fiber reinforced plastic pipeline

3. the development of seawater desalination glass fiber reinforced plastic pipeline

4. winding manufacturing equipment upgrading

5. high pressure pipeline development

the future development opportunities:

 pipe industry in our country has irreplaceable important position in national economy, the pipe is the construction of infrastructure and major water conservancy projects, urban water supply and drainage construction of the main facilities, is known as the lifeline of the city.

 urban flood control and drainage management in our country is weak, the flood control works is not perfect, at present our country city and 59% in did not meet the national flood control standard, flood season each year has a large number of water flooded, waterlogging water city.

 according to the ministry of construction organization and association of china's urban water supply of the urban water supply in 2010 technology development plan and 2020 vision ", put forward "the city water supply source in principle should not be less than two". at present, the country has not been except harbin to achieve this goal. therefore, the construction of urban flood control drainage and second water source will be rapid development in the future. , on the other hand, the existing water part of ageing, to cope with city of original water conveyance pipeline project also needs to be updated every year a large number of pipelines. the water resources overall plan, pipe production enterprise to bring huge development opportunities. national water supply and drainage engineering pipe jacking technology regulation cecs 246:2008 regulation principles of selection of pipe jacking pipe

 water supply engineering, appropriate chooses steel or glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe jacking

 drainage: appropriate chooses glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe jacking or reinforced concrete pipe jacking

 forhandling corrosive water body and the pipe outer soil corrosive: priority selection of glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe jacking.

1 high stiffness and low cost of new type of tubing

 in the strong corrosion and pipe diameter is bigger, or stronger pressure of pipeline corrosion, glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe has unique advantages.

 but in water supply and drainage industry quantity bedding face is wide, can have a variety of pipe can be chosen. therefore, how to increase the competitiveness of grp sand pipe is the top priority.

 frp pipe in addition to the quality problem of the human factors, the main problem is the low stiffness level, and increase the stiffness will cause prices to rise. therefore, development high stiffness and low cost of new composite pipe material is glass fiber reinforced plastic pipeline development a new direction in the future.

2 pipeline accidents bring development opportunities

 dongguan issue of glass fiber reinforced plastic sewage sand pipe due to human factors, caused quality accidents for many times, are a bad influence, result in guangdong markets to the brink of collapse. industry is necessary for deep reflection:

1 objective reason is pipe procurement methods lead to market confusion;

2 enterprise mutual price, use inferior raw resin, inferior fiber, or cut corners, etc., but at the sacrifice of quality.

3 after more than a year of efforts, the related departments to recognize the causes of quality accident in guangdong; and realize that not because of frp pipe, but man-made. in dongguan the second phase will be to a large number of grp sand pipe.

we must have the opportunity to cherish, should strive to promote the development of high quality glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe in the future.

5, for example, should make full use of glass steel pipe in the drainage engineering of corrosion resistance of the unique advantages, the development of high quality glass fiber reinforced plastic sewage pipe.

6 lv qin just come back from taiwan, vice president, visited the beautiful ming company, found that taiwan glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe application in water treatment is very good, especially in the stench of sewage ponds pipe, glass fiber reinforced plastic pipeline is the only material.

myth: that production sewage pipes can choose the time of the resin poor fiber. erroneous zone 2: as long as is the corrosion resistance of glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes.

8 sb value long-term bending performance test show that the lining in the transport medium containing 5% sulfuric acid solution, if do not use the resin good vinyl ester resin, will not be able to meet the domestic and foreign design specifications requirements about 50 years service life for a long time!

9, for example: japan water company's sewage pipe resin are all made of vinyl ester resin. not only that, it uses the ecr lined with reinforced fiber and the corrosion resistance of glass fiber and its fabric

10 using vinyl ester resin and ect, tm, ecr glass fibre lining, is an important measure to ensure production qualified discharge pipes.

11 strengthen standard revision, the related raw materials for further requirements.

3 water desalination glass fiber reinforced plastic pipeline

 high performance frp sand inclusion tubing and pipeline water transfer and desalination projects is the preferred;

 water conveying frp pipe with large diameter, pressure, seepage security requirement is high, in the sea for a long time scour under the erosion characteristics of long service life.

 desalination for frp pipe provides new opportunities for development, but also put forward new requirements and challenges of glass fiber reinforced plastic pipeline industry. never rush, once had an accident, its influence is and its great.

 required specification of raw materials, for example, can follow the fan blades of resin and reinforcing fiber raw materials, such as access methods to argument.

4 winding manufacturing equipment upgrading

 fixed-length winding equipment still is our country in the future a period of main production equipment, but need to further technological innovation;

 high degree of automation of continuous winding equipment, high threshold, strong quality assurance system, frp winding pipes will be the future is a new development direction. but to improve the quality of product manufacturing, reduce manufacturing cost, etc, make great efforts.

5 high pressure pipeline development

 glass steel pipe in oilfield anticorrosion applications, compared with other anti-corrosion measures, the comprehensive cost is low, technical economic benefit is good. glass steel pipes has become corrosion control the dosage the biggest, most promising nonmetallic pipe.

 as long as the glass tube can withstand the pressure and temperature, maximum replaced the steel pipeline.

 according to our country and the united states contrast predictions: glass fiber reinforced plastic development peak in the next decade will be used in our country, therefore, the development of the space is still large.

four, conclusion

 frp pipe industry in china has experienced the success after the twists and turns, ups and downs, and now is facing new opportunities and challenges, china's glass fiber reinforced plastic pipeline industry exactly where to go, is still a serious problem in front of entrepreneur.

 historical experience tells us that will likely be coexistence of development and decay, let us in a firm sense of quality, advanced technology, and equipment, high-quality raw materials to choose development!!!!

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