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implementation of "green yang jinfeng project" in 2011 mid-term examination items need to be ready to work
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2011 city "green yang jinfeng plan" mid-term examination work is city talent do (specific content see notice), the uniform deployment of the town (street, park) party (labour) appoint to attach great importance to the inspection work, promptly notify the company carefully prepared, must go down to the enterprise organization personnel carefully check, make sure complete all preparatory work, according to the requirements in order to ensure the project quality of talents through the mid-term examination.

evaluation of the common need to prepare the following materials:

one, the written material submitted

since "green young talent for city jinfeng project" innovation entrepreneurship summarize, content including:

1, the personnel and the general situation of the project;

2, the funding necessary and allocate and use;

3, after introducing results (new products, sales, and taxes, awards, etc.);

4, business innovation and the problems of going to the next step, etc.

2, make report ppt (no more than 10 minutes)

report ppt in general is divided into (multi-purpose form and pictures show) :

1, as talents, projects and innovative entrepreneurial place unit as a whole (personnel and project introduction, project implementation of the overall situation, innovative entrepreneurial place unit in 2011, 2012 enterprises);

since 2, talent has funded work situation;

3, the government and corporate support for projects;

4, project implementation, since the results;

5, difficulties and problems of project implementation;

6, the next step of work plan.

three, fieldwork materials to be submitted

enterprise legal person business license, articles of association of the company and the capital verification report, tax registration, the enterprise audit of financial statements and tax returns, patent certificate, or to accept notices, certificates, etc. focuses on financing object is working in the young, funding and allocate and use, shall pay individual income tax in the local situation, in the enterprise operation, project implementation, implementation of the project product sales, the tax situation, and apply for and obtain patent, 凯发真人网娱乐 copyright, won awards at or above the provincial level, and so on and so forth.

matters needing attention

1, personnel must be present, absence will affect the follow-up funds disbursed;

2, on-the-spot investigation must provide the materials must be carefully prepared according to the requirement, and kept by the specialist is responsible for collection;

3, written materials, and notification requirements need to fill in the schedule and report ppt in the situation is consistent, to be carefully checked to prevent the paradox;

4, written materials, and notification requirements and on march 11, please fill in the schedule to deliver the electronic file and print organization department personnel division (room 1023, the district government), email: [email protected];

5, district party committee organization department will be on march 14, march 12 - funded enterprise field to view the report ppt and must provide the original material, would you please carefully prepare and design teams field line.

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