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organization to declare provincial double gen plan notification
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notification will now introduce innovative entrepreneurial talent plan 2013 high-level innovative entrepreneurial talent introduction plan of jiangsu province (hereinafter referred to as the provincial "double gen plan") to declare work related matters notice as below.

a, application conditions

(a) basic conditions

1. self-employed people generally have a master's degree or above, innovative talents generally has a doctoral degree, age are generally not more than 55 years of age.

2. at least 5 years in domestic and international famous enterprises, colleges and universities, scientific research units and institutions engaged in research and development or management position working experience, and achieved outstanding results.

3. applicants should be after january 1, 2010 to our province innovation entrepreneurship.

4. the main work should be established by the enterprise service entrepreneurial talent; introduce talents after the introduction to other services for imported units more than 3 years in a row, and the service time of not less than 6 months each year.

5. the declaration enterprise shall have to attend social insurance.

6. the introduction of innovative talents from the month to the jiangsu work, by withholding individual income tax declaration unit plan duty salary a month is not lower than 10000 yuan.

(2) all kinds of choice in addition to the must comply with the above basic conditions, should also meet the following conditions respectively:

1. independent entrepreneurial talent

(1) with entrepreneurship products, key technology of independent intellectual property rights or technology, in product development and enterprise management have rich practical experience;

(2) the major persons-in-charge of the enterprises should be founded, himself into the enterprise's paid-in capital of no less than 1 million yuan (excluding technology investment), should be completed in march 31, 2013 industrial and commercial registration and related procedures;

(3) establish enterprise leading products with independent intellectual property rights, technology reached the international advanced level and domestic leading, to fill the domestic blank or related industry development, have good market prospects for development and expected economic benefits;

(4) founded enterprise belong to high technology enterprise growth or modern service industry, there is a clear business model, enterprise, in principle, students studying abroad are located in pioneer park, science and technology innovation service center and other carrier as well as the high and new technology industrial development zone.

2. enterprise innovation talent

(1) to promote enterprise independent innovation, technology upgrade core technology property rights clear, or held senior positions at home and abroad well-known enterprises, outstanding work performance, has certain influence in the industry;

(2) enterprise should possess one of the following conditions: (1) national "one thousand plan", provincial "double gen plan" founded funded object; (2) the "tech entrepreneurs to foster engineering" cultivating objects, the province "333 project" to develop a target, founded by professor "industry"; (3) the innovative enterprises in country or province, high-tech enterprises, the agricultural science and technology enterprises, the computer information system integration, information system engineering supervision enterprises, software companies, animation companies, etc.; (4) to undertake the project province scientific and technological achievements into special funds; (5) listed as provincial high-level innovative entrepreneurial talent, enterprise class base; 6. have enterprise academician workstation, post-doctoral scientific research workstation, graduate workstation, technology center, engineering center, engineering technology research center and so on enterprise innovation platform at or above the provincial level; all landowners private technology enterprises; today the municipal and county (city, area) lead to plan funded enterprises;

(3) priority support of creative talents i have money and possession of shares, preferred working full-time to support enterprise innovation talent.

3. the institution innovation talents

key disciplines and key laboratory of innovative talents

(1) our province colleges and universities, scientific research institutes to introduce talents, both at home and abroad well-known universities, scientific research institutes as equivalent to a professor;

(2) has the world first-class research level, nearly 5 years in the international important academic papers has been published on core journals, or in the field of the core journals published important academic papers;

(3) to obtain important science and technology awards at home and abroad, and master experiment skills or important scientific project construction key technology, or hosted major scientific research projects.

innovative health

(1) the medical and health institutions to introduce talents in our province, in the domestic and foreign well-known medical and health institutions, universities and research institutes as equivalent to professors can be extended to associate professor (abroad), or (worked) as domestic provincial medicine, deputy director of professional committee of the above duties, or foreign physician qualification;

(2) has the world first-class research level, nearly 5 years in the international important academic papers has been published on core journals;

(3) undertaken major scientific research project, master the key technology, the major disease prevention and treatment or with independent intellectual property rights of core technology, has a patent for invention;

(4) give priority to support clinical technical talents with fill the domestic blank.

cultural innovation talents

(1) cultural institutions in our province has introduced the excellent culture of talent;

(2) in the domestic and foreign literature, art, journalism, publishing, radio, television, film, operation and management, wenbo, books management industries with high visibility and influence, is a senior can be extended to deputy high (abroad) professional technical position, educational background);

(3) important associated with undeclared at or above the provincial level awards.

second, the selection process

1. the declaration of acceptance. own entrepreneurial talent and enterprise innovation personnel filing materials submitted to the municipal personnel do, key discipline, innovative talents to declare material submitted to the provincial department of education key laboratory of declaration materials submitted to the provincial department of innovative talents, innovative health declaration materials submitted to the provincial health department, the culture innovative talents application materials submitted to the provincial party committee propaganda department. municipal colleges and universities, research institutes, medical and health, and cultural unit before submit the subject to the consent of the municipal personnel do audit.

won the "double gen plan" funded by the province, won the national "one thousand project" in our province, the province "innovation team plan", "dr enterprise agglomeration plan", "distinguished professor in jiangsu province", "jiangsu distinguished medical experts" funding and foreign talent to declare, won the local talents in our province plans to sponsor foreign talent to declare again, not to declare. shall not with the annual provincial "dr agglomeration plan" declare at the same time.

2. review the recommendations. municipal personnel office and provincial department in charge of the filing materials for review, and seats allocated in accordance with the recommended classification (key recommendation is not higher than 10%), at the same time submit the filing status summary table and on the statements of high-level innovative entrepreneurial talent introduction plan of jiangsu province letter of recommendation information.

3. review the selection. province talent run jointly with relevant departments, organize experts examined by qualification evaluation, basic conditions (mainly from the local or departmental talent project support, personal investment, unit of choose and employ persons to pay, whether full-time, recommended levels, etc), technology review, field investigation and comprehensive evaluation process, optimize the proposed financing.

4. the social public. to support candidates of the provincial personnel work leading group after examination and approval of the public to the society.

5. determine the list. post determine funding object.

third, support the policy

1. 1 million yuan or 500000 yuan respectively the innovation of venture capital funding. distinguished professor in jiangsu province has won or provincial "dr enterprise agglomeration plan", the original funding amount up to 1 million yuan or 1 million yuan.

2. recommend priority into the province of professor "industry", "science and technology entrepreneurs to foster engineering", the province "333 project" and "six big talent peak" training target, give priority to declare national "one thousand project", give priority to declare national and province of various kinds of projects, give priority to declare provincial industry venture capital guiding fund, priority to financial institutions, guarantee company and risk investment company recommended the financing project, enjoy around in our province, the department of the introduction of high-level personnel related preferential policy and treatment.

3. in accordance with the relevant national, provincial introduce high-level talent policy, provide working conditions for the introduction of high-level personnel, visa, settle, qualification, medical, insurance, taxation, spouses and their children to school, driver's license conversion support.

four, material declaration and declaration form

2013 "double gen plan" by jiangsu province talent network (http: / / www.jsrcgz.gov.cn) to declare. all kinds of certificate, certificate, contract, statements and other material on the internet to declare should provide the original scanned files or digital pictures. personal internet filing deadline to april 30, 2013. municipalities and provincial department in charge of the recommended report deadline is may 15, 2013, should be submitted on the statements of high-level innovative entrepreneurial talent introduction plan of jiangsu province letter of recommendation information and filing status summary table, 3 copies submitted to the provincial personnel office.

filing materials include:

1. the introduction of high-level innovative entrepreneurial talent plan declaration "in jiangsu province, including self-employed personnel fill in a class declaration, fill in b class declaration enterprise innovation talents, institution innovation talent class c declaration is allowed.

2. the introduction of talent identification (id card or passport), academic degree certificate, certificate of title and qualifications (certificates), in the original unit of the important job positions certificates and other related work experience, seniority of proof. study abroad personnel should provide study abroad service center, ministry of education of the degree of certification.

3. patent and other intellectual property rights and the ownership certificate, in the case of international core journals published papers, have important science and technology awards at home and abroad, undertake major scientific research subject, science and technology research projects such as the introduction of talent ability, performance related materials, representative works of cultural innovation.

4. the innovation business plan.

5. declare units to provide business license, 2012 financial statements, unit labor for social security, enterprise pay tax, declare units to introduce talents withholding individual income tax certificate.

6. self-employed enterprise registration is required to provide talent will (trial) of firm capital verification certificate, the company's articles of association and the local government and their entrepreneurial carrier for startups and talent to give space, life, money appropriated support conditional approval and relevant credentials. enterprises need to provide innovative talents and introduced enterprises sign a labor contract or agreement, intellectual property ownership certificate and use agreement, compensation or ownership certificate, in the local pay endowment insurance certificate and related documents (such as can not provide enterprise endowment insurance expends proves that the relationship between place unit issued by the personnel department is required to provide proof of "to the enterprise work more than 3 years"), as well as the enterprise conform to the qualifications for declaration qualification certificate and so on. institution innovation talented person must provide and introduced unit signed a labor contract or agreement, compensation and other related documents.

five, the job requires

1. strengthening organization and leadership. around, departments should attach great importance to the introduction of high-level innovative entrepreneurial talent, the municipal organization department to lead good organization and coordination, municipal science and technology, people club department according to the division of responsibilities seriously to do related work.

2. strict conditions. everywhere, the relevant departments to declare in accordance with the work, strict reporting requirements and working procedures, carefully inspection declaration materials, give good introduction of talent quality, be objective and fair, reliable, open and transparent. for fraud, once thorough check, namely declaration qualification, recorded in the credit archives and shall be investigated for relevant personnel of responsibility, no longer accept the declaration of units and individuals within five years.

3. strengthen the work instruction. all around, the departments should strengthen the departments of business guidance, timely solve the problems encountered in the work.

4. to declare the problems in the work, please contact provincial relevant departments in time.

online declaration calls: 025-83309766.

provincial party committee organization department contact office: talent essence, contact phone number: 025-83392348;

provincial department contact office: policies and regulations and system reform, the contact phone number: 025-83222067;

contact provincial people club hall office: human resources development office, contact phone number: 025-83236170;

provincial party committee propaganda department contact office: ganbuchu, contact phone number: 025-88802731;

provincial education department contact office: teacher, contact phone number: 025-83335368;

contact provincial bureau office: op, contact phone number: 025-83620628.


1. introduction plan declaration of high-level creative and pioneering talents in jiangsu province (class a)

2. jiangsu province high-level innovative entrepreneurial talent introduction plan declaration (class b)

3. jiangsu province high-level innovative entrepreneurial talent introduction plan declaration (c)

4. creative proposal format requirements

5. jiangsu province high-level innovative entrepreneurial talent introduction plan summary form

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