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glass fiber reinforced plastic protective cover is made of high quality corrosion resistance
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glass fiber reinforced plastic protective cover is made of high quality of excellent corrosion resistance with resistance to acid alkali unsaturated polyester resin, as matrix material, with the alkali or alkali free glass fiber cloth as reinforcing material, uses the excellent curing formula, advanced solidification processes, shape, according to the state of the sewage pool to determine specific mold for molding mould curing.

shield surface using anti-aging resistance, weather resistance, uv gel coat resin, bright color, beautiful and easy.

formed by the technology of glass fiber reinforced plastic protective cover high strength, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, convenient, beautiful and easy installation and maintenance.

along with the social development, further improve the quality of people's lives, requirement also gradually improve the living environment, our country existing all kinds of chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, steel, and the urban sewage treatment plant has been built or rebuilt sewage treatment plant of all kinds of pool well, generally in a state of bare, the sewage pool directly discharge the waste gas in the atmosphere, seriously polluted the air quality, and has important influence on the construction of a harmonious society, our company to improve air quality, combined with their own actual situation, develop and produce the suitable for all kinds of sewage treatment plant (station) pool well sealed by sealing cover. sewage pool waste water, covered with glass shield, put an end to waste gas overflow, and ventilation pipe waste gas collection, into the exhaust gas purification tower, after processing emissions in the atmosphere, greatly improve the sewage pool emissions, improve air quality, has won the acceptance of the environmental protection department and many companies, and further to the promotion of use.

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