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governance sewage, purifying environment, saving energy and reducing consumption of glass fiber reinforced plastic products
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below to introduce the meaning of frp under:

the concept of glass fiber reinforced plastic composite material is a kind of material can not meet the use requirement, need to by two or more materials together, another can meet people's requirements of material, composite material. a single kind of fiber glass, for example, although the intensity is high, but the fibers is loose, can only sustain tension, can't bear bending, shear and compressive stress, also not easy to make a fixed geometry, is the soft body.

if use resin glue them together, can make it with the stiffness of the fixed shape products, both can withstand tensile stress, and can withstand bending, compression and shear stress. it is made up of a glass fiber reinforced plastic composite materials. because of its strength is equal to the steel, and glass components, also have glass like that color, form, corrosion resistance, electric insulation, heat insulation, such as performance, such as glass, formed in the history of this easy to understand the name of the "glass", the word is by former national building materials industry minister lai ji comrade put forward in 1958, the building materials system expansion to the nation, is now also widely used.

thus, glass fiber reinforced plastic is refers to the meaning of glass fiber reinforced material, reinforced plastics, synthetic resin as a binder abroad according to glass fiber reinforced plastic. along with our country the development of glass fiber reinforced plastic, as reinforced material, plastic base is made of glass fiber expanded to carbon fiber, boron fiber, aramid fiber, alumina fiber, silicon carbide fiber, etc., without a doubt, these new type of fiber reinforced plastics, are some of the high performance fiber reinforced composites, with glass the commonly known as cannot be summed up again. considering the history origin and development, usually with glass fiber reinforced plastic composite materials, so that a name is more comprehensive.

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