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glass fiber reinforced plastic storage tanks should be prepared to what before construction
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glass fiber reinforced plastic storage tanks is the conditions of using specially designed and manufactured according to the contract, without the consent of the supplier technical department. the user may not arbitrarily change the glass fiber reinforced plastic tank storage medium types, also can't change the container storage temperature and the concentration of the medium. hard hit or scratch is forbidden: into the glass fiber reinforced plastic storage tanks cleaning and maintenance, operation personnel should wear soft bottom shoes, when using a ladder, all the points of contact with the container shall be cushion package, in case of scratch on the surface. when working around to prevent tool collision, hands and feet, and other hard objects container. pay attention to fire prevention: glass fiber reinforced plastic storage tanks must not close to the fire.

1. before the construction according to actual needs and combined with the actual situation of the construction site to do a good job of prevention, such as site office, tool room arrangement, etc will be arranged in advance, for flammable and explosive products in a safe location, good storage to ensure the safety of the construction site.

2. all the construction tools and testing instruments in place.

3. construction personnel in place after the required equipment installed, to build simple and easy place to live, decorate the construction site, arrange material room, warehouse, etc., garbage piled up and orderly, easy to clean up later.

4. the construction of all facilities should be labeled, suggests that the role of the construction, all the electric tools should show that operating method to ensure the safety of the construction.

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