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fast and efficient low energy consumption of glass fiber reinforced plastic static mixer
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pipeline mixer has a fast and efficient, low energy consumption of the pipe spiral mixing. for two kinds of medium mixing time is short, the diffusion effect of more than 90%. can save reagent dosage is about 20 ~ 30%. accounts for and simple structure, small land area. using glass fiber reinforced plastic material has the processing is convenient, durable resistance to corrosion, etc.

the additive in water supply and drainage and environmental protection engineering all kinds of flocculant, coagulant aid, ozone, liquid chlorine and alkali neutralization, mixed gas water is very effective. to improve the effect of water treatment, saving energy, it is of great economic significance.

construction and action principle

pipeline mixer is generally as consisting of three (also can according to the performance of hybrid medium section). each section mixer has a 180 �� distorted fixed screw blade, left-handed and a right-handed. the spiral blades rotate in opposite directions in adjacent sections, and 90 �� phase fault. for ease of installation screw blade and barrel made of two semicircular, both ends with the flange connection, the gap between the cylinder with epoxy resin adhesive, ensure its containment requirements.

mixer of spiral vane, is only part of the be mixed material or medium motion, flow through it in addition to have step-down, it without external energy. is flow and radial mixing, segmentation mainly reverse rotation, two medium intense mixing diffusion, accomplish mixing.

1. the city living water and industrial water treatment cic with all kinds of flocculant, coagulant aid for mixing action;

2. city life sewage and industrial wastewater treatment cic with all kinds of flocculant, coagulant aid for mixing action;

3. water supply drainage, environmental protection engineering gas water agents such as mixing, adding the liquid chlorine, ozone disinfection treatment;

4. industrial wastewater by acid-base neutralization mixing action;

5. mix homogenization processing several kinds of industrial wastewater.

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